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Q:  Which area's do you deliver ?

A:  We deliver to all suburbs within a 50klm radius of Melbourne CBD.


Q: Which day will you deliver my order ?

A: We deliver Monday - Friday, although we have set runs, we will confirm delivery day once your order is received, or feel free to email us with your requirements.


Q:  Is there a minimum order ?

A: No


Q: is there a delivery fee ?

A: No, we do not charge delivery fees, on regular orders.


Q: can i pay cash ?

A: yes, although all online transactions require pre-payment, please contact our office, prior to ordering.


Q:  What happens if I supply the wrong address ?

A:  Please be very careful in providing us with correct and upto date address information. If you provide us with an incorrect address and we deliver your order as per your instructions, then we accept no responsibility for the mistake.


Q: What time do you deliver ?

A:  We aim to complete the majority of our deliveries prior to 10am.


Q:  What happens with regular orders on Public Holidays ?

A: If your regular delivery coincides with a public holiday we will automatically deliver it the following day, unless you wish to make alternative arrangements.


Q: Are there any contracts ?

A: You are free to start and stop the service at any time, as we do not lock you into any contracts.


Q: Is it cheaper to buy from the markets or local fruit shop?

A:  There are certainly less expensive options available. However, you need to factor in the time that’s required to send someone to the shops to buy fruit. In addition, we offer the option of multiple deliveries throughout the week to ensure freshness. And, most importantly, are confident that our fruit & Veg are not cheap seconds.

We often conduct audits, and although other options offer cheaper one off items, or specials,  across the basket we are always cheaper.