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Melbourne Fruit & Veg Delivery is a company dedicated to bringing you the freshest quality fruit & vegetables direct from the market floor to your front door.


Our fruit and vegetables taste much fresher compared to what you normally buy because they are fresher, we buy direct from the Melbourne Fruit & Vegetable market each day,  which means we are eliminating all of the middle men and reducing the amount of transport and handling involved in the whole process. We make it possible for you to receive fresh produce at its best, carefully hand packed and delivered to you, at home, work, or any other location you select.


Melbourne Fruit & Veg Delivery  

Why Choose Us


Quality and Freshness


We race against the clock to get your fresh produce straight to you from the Melboure Wholesale Market, meaning you will have the freshest products available.




We understand that not all customers fit a mould, we will work with you to tailor a delivery schedule, to suit your needs.




By sourcing our products directly from the Melbourne Fruit & Vegetable Market, , we keep your costs down. We don’t have large overheads and corporate offices to support. Therefore the savings are in your pocket.


Environmental Sustainability


No more plastic bags. We take our responsibility to help look after our environment very seriously. We always reuse packing boxes, and continually re-evaluate our waste control systems.  We know you will feel fantastic from the positive contributions we make to help protect the environment.

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